Marbella Feria de San Bernabe 2024

Marbella Feria de San Bernabe 2024

The official poster has been launched with the dates for this year's town fair of Marbella (in honour of Saint Bernard) taking place from Wednesday 5th and finishing on the local holiday of Tuesday 11th June 2024.

It's almost time for the eagerly anticipated annual event of the Feria de Marbella San Bernabe. This vibrant celebration, held in honour of the town's patron saint, Saint Bernabe, is steeped in tradition and excitement, drawing locals and visitors alike to revel in its festivities.

Preparations for the Feria de Marbella San Bernabe begin weeks in advance, as the entire town buzzes with anticipation. Streets are adorned with colourful banners and fairy lights, casting a festive glow over the cobblestone roads. The scent of freshly baked pastries and sizzling tapas wafts through the air, enticing passersby to sample the culinary delights that await them.

The festivities kick off on Wednesday 5th June at 9pm with a lively parade, featuring marching bands, flamenco dancers, and elaborately decorated floats. Crowds line the streets, cheering and clapping as the procession winds its way through the town, setting the stage for days of merriment and celebration.

One of the highlights of the Feria is the daytime fair which takes place in the afternoon, where thrill-seekers can enjoy a variety of rides and attractions. From towering Ferris wheels to stomach-churning roller coasters, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Children dart between games and stalls, their laughter echoing through the night air as they indulge in cotton candy and candy apples.

Throughout the Feria, the streets come alive with music and dance. Flamenco performances fill the night with the fiery rhythms of Spanish guitar and the hypnotic clack of castanets, while DJs spin pulsating beats that keep the party going until the early hours of the morning.

As a inauguration of the Feria, fireworks light up the sky in a dazzling display of colour and light, signalling the start of the Feria week which takes place at the Marbella centre promenade. Be quick that day and don't miss a spot to see them on the beach. 

But as the crowds disperse and the music fades away, the spirit of the Feria lives on in the hearts of the people of Marbella, who eagerly await its return year after year.

Don't forget the day feria in La Alameda from 13:00 to 18:00! Enjoy live music, delicious typical food, and refreshing drinks in a vibrant atmosphere. Join it your friends and family for a fun-filled experience every afternoon. 

Every evening at the Night Feria near La Cañada Shopping Mall! Delight in a lively setting with thrilling attractions, tasty food trucks, and engaging games for everyone. 

Thursday 6th June, join the Feria for a special Día del Niño celebration! The day will be packed with exciting activities like face painting, balloon animals, and interactive games, all designed to bring smiles to children's faces. Enjoy reduced prices on all attractions, making it easy for families to participate in the fun. There will be live shows, magic performances, and delicious snacks at kid-friendly prices. Take your family and friends for a day of joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories. 

For the full programme of this year's Feria de Marbella, please click here.


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